What are Dinofatties?

Welcome Dinos, here you will get the first impression about Dinofatties and can read the story behind
We are an experienced and ambitious team who want to contribute to the future of Web3. Our Goal is to innovate and provide our community/partners with the best services. We believe in hard working and that is what we will do to continuously improve our project. What we want is to become the best!
Like many children we always had the dream of having real dinos. Once we grew up we understood it cannot be true, so we started to create a brand of gummies for children. While working on it, the idea of gummies changed and evolved to something different and bigger, why not making Dinofatties for everyone and connect it with Web3?
Holding Dinofatties NFT will give you many benefits and the roadmap will blow your mind!
Where? On Aptos Art: Unique and hand-drawn Supply: 5,000 Mint price: TBA Mint date: November
Last modified 1yr ago