We want to build a community where our members remember to stay young, fresh, playful and eccentric, just like the mind of a child. Not only we want to build a community of likeminded people who are willing to keep their souls young but also we are an ambitious NFT project. We are aspiring to create a whole system that will benefit you, just for the simple reason of being a holder.

How are we achieving this?

We are implementing diversified strategies for example creating our own token and a staking system that will allow you to have a Web3 passive income, have access to exclusive benefits and access to other amazing NFT projects. To give you an idea of where are we heading towards: We are making of Dinofatties a brand that will have it´s own online shop and will be open for collaborations with other brands. And that´s not all, you will be getting a profit of every sale we make, depending on the Dinofatties you hold. It is our biggest aspiration to create a system that remains and evolves as the time goes by.

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