Benefits and Utilities for Holders

On overview of Benefits as holder

Holding a Dinofatties NFT will give you many benefits. Our Vision is not only to provide you just an Art, but also to provide you many benefits and a connection in Web3 and real life. It will be the "golden key" to access all features that we will have. You can read about more details on our Roadmap.

Providing our holders/partners passive income

There are two types of passive incomes you will benefit by just holding a Dinofatties NFT.

1- Web3-Passive income:

You will earn daily Dinofatties Tokens while you are staking the Dinofatties NFT. You will be able to use them for getting Whitelist Spots of other projects, buying NFTs and joining to raffles for high value NFTs as well as accessing the trading tools in the Dinofatties Market. There are more benefits planned. More coming soon!

2- Real life income:

We will create a Sportwear-Brand and you will be part of the company. Due our partnership you will be part of a long term planned brand and will earn profit in USD for each sold product. For more details you can jump to Online-Shop.

Further Benefits

We will make Co-Branding partnerships with likeminded companies. With each partnership the popularity of Dinofatties will increase.

Besides staking, you will be earning whitelist spots and earning Dinofatties Token by playing the game. These improvements depend on our community´s engagement. We want keep our resources in the direction of what our community wants.

Do you like helping others? After minting a certain % of our total minting earn will be donated to Lions Clubs International.

Holding a Dinofatties NFT will give you access to Dinofatties DUO. Also, holding two Dinofatties NFTs will give you the access to our Breeding system.

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